Follow these simple steps to add Social Media icons to the Auction Script (ZeeAuctions) Login to your hosting panel file manager or your FTP client and browse the following folder path:


copy the file global_header.tpl on to your PC

Download Free Social icons Set HERE

Select 32 x 32 px icons – example – facebook.png and twitter.png and upload these in themes/default/images directory.

Before Editing the global_header.tpl, you see this picture as below:



Open global_header.tpl in an editor like notepad or dreamweaver and search for this in code:

<a href=”{SITEURL}register.php?”><img src=”{INCURL}themes/{THEME}/images/register.png” title=”Free Registration” /></a>

Change this to:

 <a href=””><img src=”{INCURL}themes/{THEME}/images/facebook.png” title=”Follow us on Facebook” /></a> &nbsp;<a href=””><img src=”{INCURL}themes/{THEME}/images/twitter.png” title=”Follow us on Twitter” /></a>

Make sure to change your username of FB or Twitter in the above code.

Save the file and overwrite with the previous file at themes/default

Now You should clear your cache from admin panel and should see this look on your Auction website below: