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Zip2Profit Rebrander Software Viral Unzip Tool

Zip2Profit Rebrander Software Viral Unzip Tool
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Zip2Profit Unzip Software with Rebrander. Rebrand this winzip like software with your website or company links and distribute for free or sell for profits, causing increase in traffic of your website by this viral method Completely on Autopilot, 24x7 in All Niches, From all Countries even when You Sleep!

Zip2Profit Unzip Software with Rebrander. Earn Money from Other Peoples Sales Completely on Autopilot, 24x7 in All Niches, From all Countries even when You Sleep!

What if you had something to sell or even better, give to your customers that

  • They can use for some repetitive purpose (something almost every person in the world with a PC does every now and then. Some even a number of times every day).
  • Would allow you not only to brand yourself, but brand every site and/or product you have. It's up to you as you would have the power to do it!
  • Would be possible to let loose and use in a viral manner ...
  • Actually has a real value to almost everyone online. Never mind the age, gender, niche interests, culture background or geographical location
  • Would have a built in ad you could change for every site where you give away or sell this product.
  • Would have the built in option (your choice if you want to use it) to open a web page (in the default browser) of your choice each time it is used.
  • Could sense if a specific file was present when the program is used and open it automatically presenting the content for the user.

What if I told you that at this moment you push every customer away by force, missing many sales. On almost every thank you and download page I've seen online the owner (you too?) tell the new customer to "go away" and get a copy of winzip.

Here's a List of the Built in Revenue Streams,

  • The Main Ad. The big blue text above will capture the users eye each and every time they use the program. This text can be made inviting and click friendly by using commonly known ad copy techniques. The built in url you decide will take the user to your url of choice where you can use signup pages, squeeze pages and special offers to keep profiting day after day without lifting a finger!

  • Top One Line Ad. Used for a more general message like call to action for visiting a site. This One Liner is one of the Ad Paths you will use when allowing your customers branding rights (only in the MRR version). They will not be able to change it so your one liner will be shown to all the customers your customer have!

  • Site Auto Open. You can enable this function and have Zip2Profit send the user to an url of your choice after each and every unzip. This can be very effective in some niches and you could use this to present special offers (and how about using some rotating content showing a new web page or new content after each unzip!).

  • Secret File. You can tell Zip2Profit to keep a close check on all files inside the zip files. Using the Secret File option Zip2Profit will on your command open a file (you set the desired filename) when found inside a zip file. This is a golden opportunity for you as no other software in the world will do this, but you can start adding a special offer, invitation, bonus or why not a thank you note in all the zip files you do.

Absolutely NO Adware or Spyware

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