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Tips on Successful Website Design

Tips on Successful Website Design
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Synopsis: Website designing is an art and comes from a perfect inspiration and prior research on what purpose it serves ultimately. It is also about creating ergonomics on the webpage. There are various aspects of website design that you should be remembered like spacing of the lines, Padding of the images and text, Controlling the white space on the webpage and so on.

Website designing is an art and comes from a perfect inspiration and prior research on what purpose it serves ultimately. 

Successful Web Design Tips with Inspiration

There are many resources from where you can get website design inspiration. Any artistic action is a combination of inspiration and action. Even if you feel that you have created an fully 100% original design, somewhere down the line inspiration plays a role.

More than  that you have to adopt a pragmatic approach towards it. This means you employ some protocol or principles to keep the website real. You have to serve to the requirement of your visitors and according to the latest panda and penguin updates by google this part is very important.

Speed of the pages

The faster your pages load, the happier your visitors are and happier the google is in crawling your website and giving you free organic traffic. Your web graphics you add are very important for speeding your site, Poorly optimized and large sized graphics will slow down your site speed. . How do you do this? Just cut the fluff and concentrate on providing relevant and focused content. Add images in jpeg format and proper sized.

However comprehensive your website may be, you could be having extra content in the form of images, text and videos. Therefore, create less content that has highly concentrated information. It is indeed a challenge. And that is where you can differentiate yourself.

Short and sweet pages

Include a lot of headings on the webpage. No matter how brilliant your web design inspiration influenced page is; long pages hardly catch the attention of readers. Therefore concentrate on short pages. Include a lot of headings. Include a lot of blurbs. Provide summaries on the content. This way you increase the readability of your webpage. It caters to readers and non-readers alike.

Neat and Easy Navigation is essential

Your web pages should be logically connected. One webpage should logically connect to the other. Disparate connection of web pages confuses the visitor. They may think that your website is of bad architecture.

Don’t make users think too much

As much as you thought to get the much required web design inspiration, you need not let your users think much when on your website. Everything should be available on a platter for them. They don’t mind being spoon-fed.

The more you make your website succinct, the better your prospects. High quality web design is about creating great navigation, layout, and an excellent content scheme. Remember that users don’t have patience. You have to give them what they want and give them this fast.


Spacing and eye-ergonomics

Web design inspiration is about creating compelling web designs. It is also about creating ergonomics on the webpage. This lets users skim through your web pages with ease. There are various aspects of web design that you should be cognizant of. Some of them are:

  • Spacing of the lines
  • Padding of the images and text.
  • Controlling the white space on the webpage.

Apart from these aspects you can also concentrate on other aspects such as position of the textual content and images. You should use content navigation techniques such as using bold font face for highlighting important text.

If you are against using bold face, make the font size big. Use design elements such as icons, arrows, and pointers. Use such combinations of techniques to achieve the ideal mix. And in the end your web design inspiration will come full circle.



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