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Steps to Make Your Own eProduct

Steps to Make Your Own eProduct
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Synopsis: This article will show you in brief about how you can make your own product within 24 hours or less. There are many methods and steps to be implemented and Most people have problems with creating own product.

This article will show you in brief about how you can make your own product within 24 hours or less. There are many methods and steps to be implemented and Most people have problems with creating own product.

  1. Find Best Niche to Make Information Products - Find it here : http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/
  2. WRITE or MAKE PRODUCTS based on what you know & expert the most.
  3. Select the right format of the product to sell
  4. You must be determined to Start & Finish Creating Products Even Under Pressure
  5. Make People Trust Your Product’s Values & Qualities
  6. People only buy a product if it has the awaited solution for their problems
  7. Create Product That Motivates Customers to Put Into Action ASAP
  8. Tell customers to follow step-by-step while reading any ebook or watching any video.
  9. Tell your success stories and other people’s to motivate readers to start taking action today.

These are just a few things you need to keep in mind on making your own product.

More information on Formats to Sell:

One of the most vital part is – you have to choose the right format – so that you are going to finish writing in 24 hours. Maybe it quite possible to create an ebook in 1 day, but the following formats are more than enough to be valuable to give you thousands of dollars for you to sell.

1. Mindmap format. Make a mindmap and sell if it is understandable. Based on what you know the most – so that your list won’t miss anything important. If it’s hard to understand because of so many terms, you can target to intermediate people.

2. Mindmap files along with audio of your own voice. If you talk and explain the mindmap, it would take less than 24 hours. Make sure choose the right place and time. The problem is DETERMINATION to start recording your own voice because of lack confident. I will talk about this later.

3. Sell a long list of important ideas. Such as, a long list of ‘Ways to Get Traffic. Just enlist, don’t need to elaborate. Maybe you can enlist up to 200 ideas in 24 hours. It’s easy because it’s like you brainstorm and brainstorm. Remember: people also love new ideas, even if it is short.

4. Sell step-by-step plan. Example : ‘Step-By-Step Guide to Lose Weight’. Just enlist what to do from the start until the end. No elaborationunless necessary.

5. Make a webinar for any niche. When you do it, you just need some preparation and go LIVE. No need to wait months to create, right?

6. Sell ideas. Selling ideas mean you have new ideas to implement – it’s good if it’s proven.

7. Make a membership with content. Start with at least 20 contents (which can done in 24 hours) and get launched. You can update 1 content per day or 3 contents per week – such as sell autoresponder email template in niche determined. So, along with your membership, you just right away your membership in instant.

8. Sell an element of graphic (if you are a designer). Such as design your own buy buttons with Photoshop and sell them. If you focus on one thing (buy buttons for example) you are going to finish your product in 24-48 hours. Remember : Focus will save you a lot of time.

9. Sell sources of information. Example: sell a long list of directory links to increase page rank and traffic. Or sell a long list of youtube links related to adobe photoshop for those who want to learn its tutorials. Or sell a list of trusted programmers (which value thousands of dollars). That’s depend on how valuable your information.

10. Sell swipe files. Maybe you already write dozens of salesletter for your own use in 3 years experience. Why don’t you sell them at affordable price – so that people can learn salesletter copywriting from your work.

11. Sell report in pdf format. You can reveal a small topic or specific niche. Such as: study cases, new techniques, and so on.

12. Sell templates, which is ready-made product. Email templates, graphic templates, website templates, and so on. If you are selling email templates, then you can sell up to 20 email templates or more. If you seem to take more than 24 hours to create them, then it’s better for you to start your own membership – provides 5 email templates every day!

13. Sell your blog articles. Maybe you have a blog or some blogs with a massive list of high quality articles. You can resell the articles – as PLR articles or a report – because you do your articles uniquely.

14. Sell audio training in any niche. If you have capabilities to speak in English fluently or semi-fluently, then this is for you. Just make a draft within 1 hour. And start talking for the point in the draft. You will complete your mini audio training in few hours only – not more than 24 hours!

15. Sell notes in powerpoint format. It’s faster to make products in this format rather than in ebook format. You just need to put understandable points and information. As usual, choose only a smaller niche.

16. Write products in Microsoft Words, and put all texts into VideoArticleRobot.com so that they would be converted to a talking video instantly. Monthly subscription is the only way to get access this software.

17. Sell photoshop graphic templates. Find nice layer styles & brushes on the internet. Use them to make graphics. Remember that : layer styles and brushes are kind of ready-made graphic components that can skip all the hard works to create beautiful colour combination and beautiful shapes. J For example – make  a few buttons. Load the button graphics with layer styles and put suitable brushes – it take minutes to finish one design.

18. Sell ready-made texts like salesletter headline. It takes one hour to make 15-20 headlines. You also can sell autoresponder and article templates.

19. Sell your favorite designers’ / programmers’ services to other people. Make sure they agree with what you do. You can charge monthly or yearly payment. Limit your customers is the best to keep their service qualities.

20. Make an interview with successful people. You just need to provide questions and they will answer yours. That’s easy. One man to interview is more than enough to sell the interview. Don’t start interviewing big gurus that might be almost impossible to approach. Start with people who are succeed and not so famous. They will accept your invitation because they want to be exposed more – and they are on their way to become famous!

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